Clone(aka Womb) Starring Doctor Who, Eva Green UK DVD/Blu Ray Details

I’ve never really caught onto fandom the Doctor Who the way I loved it back in my childhood/teen years of 1908’s/1990’s. Ok I didn’t mind David Tennant but who didn’t? In 2010 Matt Smith stepped into a pair of very big shoes when he picked up the sonic screwdriver however it hasn’t been plain sailing for him but now he does seem have found his feet. 2010 was a very big year for him not just in becoming the Doctor, it was also the year he made his feature debut.

CLONE or Womb stars Matt Smith alongside Eva Green (Dark Shadows, Perfect Sense) alongside Lesley Manville,Peter Wight, Istvan Lenart, Hannah Murray,Natalie Tena. The film touches on some taboo subjects which some may find a little creepy to see a film about, but in the words of Kenny Everett it’ll be all done in the best possible taste (in the world!), very dramatic, a little artsy also very moving about struggling to let go too.

For years Arrow Films have been seen as a distributor of cult films especially in the horror genre but with the likes of Perfect Sense the film choice is getting a little more sophisticated, stylish but also not forgetting the core of its fan base its roots in bringing cult film to the masses. Check out below details on Clone which will get a very limited cinematic release 4th May before heading to DVD&BluRay on 7th May, read the press release and check out the film’s UK trailer (pre-order/buy links included).


The worlds best-loved time traveller finds himself in an alternative universe, very similar to Earth as we know it, except that human cloning is possible and widely used. However these ‘copies’ are considered to be second-class citizens and although identical in every way are ostracised by the ‘originals’ in society.

Young Rebecca (Ruby O’Fee) and Tommy (Tristan Christopher) meet as children and strike up a friendship. There is an instant bond but all too soon Rebecca has to leave when her Mother gets a job in Tokyo. Fast-for­ward 12 years, and the grown-up Rebecca (Eva Green) returns to look for Tommy (Matt Smith). When she finds him,the mutual attrac­tion is still there but a tragic accident soon cuts short their budding romance.

Rather than accept that Tommy is gone, Rebecca decided to bring him back but the only way she can do it is to conceive and give birth to his genetic copy

As Tommy grows up, the mother/son relationship grows increasingly complex. Rebecca tries to keep his origins secret but how long will she be able to hide the truth? Can she protect him from prejudice against ‘copies’? How will she explainaway the confusing urges that Tommy doesn’t understand? Chilling answers unravelas Rebecca deals with the consequences of her decision to never let go.

Clone is released by Arrow Films. Opens at cinemas on 4th May 2012 and is released on DVD (Pre Order / Buy
) and Blu-ray (Pre Order /Buy
) from 7th May 2012. The Sci-Fi-London Film Festival will host a special preview on 1st May2012. 

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