Watch New TV Trailer For WRATH OF TITANS

This Friday, 30th March Jonathan Liebesman Wrath of The Titans will arrive in cinemas nationwide. The sequel to the pile of mess we were subjected to couple of years ago Clash of The Titans which spoiled the good name of the original camp version and probably did more damage to the follow up film. It makes you wonder how a film which was a critical disaster actually gets a follow up film ? To be far Wrath of The Titans has taken a quieter approach compared to its first film and has strategically marketing the follow up and what we’ve seen it’s a vast improvement my only concern is Leibesman’s last film Battle Los Angeles which had a fantastic marketing, terrible film!

Over the weekend in USA a TV Trailer for Wrath Of The Titans was aired during American Dad it does contain mostly footage we’ve seen but there is some new bits especially extended parts which have Chronos in it. I’m actually looking forward to it and this Thursday we  will catch a preview and you can read our thoughts next weekend. Wrath Of The Titans stars Sam Worthington, Rosamond Pike,Toby Kebell, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Edgar Ramirez , Danny Huston, Bill Nighy and Matt Milne. The film arrives in cinemas nationwide from March 30th.


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