“Anyone For A Spot of Fishing?”- 2 New TV Spots For SALMON FISHING IN YEMEN

Lionsgate have released 2 new tv spots for British film SALMON FISHING IN YEMEN starring Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt,Kristin Scott Thomas, Amr Waked ​and Rachel Stirling.
Yesterday I was in the cinema and in the previews for Rampart, SALMON FISHING IN YEMEN trailer played as the the opening reactions from the dozen or so people in the screen were ‘boring’ however things changed at the end of the trailer.It’s one of those film’s people will judge it on the film title until they see something on screen that it’s more than fishing, though if your a cinephile who likes to read the magazines you’ll know the film is getting positive reviews since its premier at last years Toronto Film Festival. It’s based on a popular Paul Toraday novel of the same name and when it comes to book adaptations the films biggest critics will be the readers as they’ll expect everything from the book in the film. That’s impossible at times you can’t adapt everything, sometime you have to change or even things out so as I say so often if I’m going to read the book I rather watch the film first as you wont be as critical.

Salmon Fishing In Yemen will be released in UK &Ireland from April 20th and today in USA.


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