“Ok Shiznit’s Will Smith Is Too old For This “- Watch The New MEN IN BLACK III Trailer



We haven’t seen Will Smith on our big screens for neary 4 years but does he still have that big Hollywood A-Lister? This summer will make his return to the big screen with MEN IN BLACK III and this afternoon we have a brand new spanking trailer for MEN IN BLACK III!

14 years on the brand new full trailer and for those who love this franchise will enjoy this latest edition as it has plenty of the same silly goofball jokes and more Josh Brolin. When the first trailer arrived it left us a little frustrated in the lack of footage as well as wanting to see more of Josh Brolin trying to impersonate Mr Lee Jones and the new trailer doesn’t disappoint. We get transported back to 1969 as Agent J (Smith) getting high on something unusual to time travel (though when we have hot tub travelling machines nothing is unusual), to prevent Agent K (Lee Jones) been assassinated but must be done within a 24 hour period. Nothing goes to plan but if it did, that wouldn’t worth our viewing time.

Brolin is one of the strong points of this film with his deadpan humour and teams up well with Will Smith in the same way he did when it was him and Tommy Lee Jones? Is that enough to carry a film that has been plagued with problems? There is a little  spoiler here as the trailer reveals Bill Hader’s Andy Warhol cameo but still no Alice Eve or Jermain Clement‘s Boris villain but what is it with films with alien invasion films and they invaders in similar spaceships? Started with Skyline then Transformers Dark Of The Moon and now Men In Black III? Is it the same invaders working on the third time lucky scenario?!

So will Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones make this look good, just smile and look into the light and head to your local cineplex on May 25th when the film arrives in UK&Ireland. The film also stars Alice Eve, Emma Thompson, Rip Torn, Johnny Knoxville, and Jemaine Clement.

*update – 6th March -A big thanks to Sony Pictures UK who have sent us the UK version of the new trailer with new Teaser Poster*

In Men in Black™ 3, Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back… in time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when K’s life and the fate of the planet are put at stake, Agent J will have to travel back in time to put things right. J discovers that there are secrets to the universe that K never told him — secrets that will reveal themselves as he teams up with the young Agent K (Josh Brolin) to save his partner, the agency, and the future of humankind.