The Muppet’s Go THE HUNGER GAMES In Latest Parody Trailer

As the saying goes “No rest for the wicked”, and you thought it was safe to say no more The Muppets Parody trailers? Think again as tonight we have another one….The Hunger Games! The Muppets film maybe going strong nationwide cinematically but over the big pond in USA the film’s cinema run has ended and on March 20th American cinephiles will be able to own film themselves. So what better way to promote the release of the home entertainment version by making a fun trailer of the big cinema release of that week The Hunger Games which comes out March 23rd. To be honest this has alot of the already seen parodies so it isn’t covering any new ground however if your a big Muppets fan you wont care, just another excuse to see those most sensational,inspirational, celebrational, pop sensational… The Muppets, Yeah!!!

source Yahoo! Movies