MGM Say The Girl With Dragon Tattoo “Made A Loss”, Does It Mean Fincher May Not Return For Sequels?

Let’s be honest everything is about money these days no matter how good or even how bad the film maybe as long as $$$ are coming in that’s all seems to matter these days. Disney’s John Carter is becoming one big financial disaster for the studio despite bringing $120million worldwide so far out of $250 million budget MGM are calling their David Fincher directed The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo a moderate loss at $231 million!

These days it’s hard to be 18/R rated and to top it off a long running film (2hours 30mins) and with it’s original film a massive arthouse cinema hit it’s tricky road to please mainstream audiences as well. Despite the healthier box office compared to ‘Disney’s’ flop MGM CEO Gary Barber has said ”were hoping we’d do 10% more than we did,”.

These new revelations could have an knock on effect on The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest been made or at lest in the manner they hope to be. Both films are been scheduled to be made but “assuming we can achieve better economics”, which may change if sales in the upcoming home entertainment release boost overall sales.  This could also see the studio opting for another director instead of David Fincher despite the film maker holding rights to the first sequel and The Girl Who Played With Fire been his favourite of the three films.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is like any film especially these days doesn’t make more money than its budget it could scupper future films, but as for fanshoping to see David Fincher making the follow up films nothing is in stone just yet.

source Deadline