Meet Gangster Glenn (Andy Serkis) In New Wild Bill Clip

In about 10 days time Dexter Fletcher’s WILD BILL will arrive in UK&Irish cinemas. The film marks the actor’s directorial debut a film which stars Andy Serkis, Charlie Creed-Miles, Will Poulter, Eddie Marsan, Jaime Winstone, Jason Flemyng, Sammy Williams, Mark Monero, Leo Gregory, Iwan Rheon. Last month I got a opportunity to watch the film at the Glasgow Film Festival  and It was a film went to watch with scepticism but left cinema very surprised that how much I enjoyed it. I went there thinking I was about to watch another typical London gangster film however it had those elements but a lot more, more in the drama category as the main focus was Bill’s (Charlie Creed-Miles) attempt to go on the straight and narrow and spark a relationship with his sons.

This evening we’ve had a clip been sent over to The People’s Movies HQ a short clip that features Glen (Andy Serkis) and Terry (Leo Gregory) having a little chat on the arrival of Wild Bill on the scene once again. But as the clip concludes there’s only room for one but who’ll be the one to go Terry or Bill? After you watch the clip have you ever fancied having one of those gangster names? now you can with this East End name generator , try it out because I have and ill be around to crack a few knuckles as i’m ‘9Iron Paul’!!! EAST END NAME GENERATOR

Wild Bill in cinemas from March 23rd.

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