“The lambs have come to the killing floor.” – Watch New 60 Second CABIN IN THE WOODS Trailer

“The lambs have come to the killing floor.” – Watch New 60 Second CABIN IN THE WOODS Trailer

With it’s upcoming SXSW première only days away THE CABIN IN THE WOODS has unleashed a new 60 second trailer for your viewing pleasure.After several years of delay after delay the film is coming in April no matter what and those fortunate to seen it (in USA) are saying it’s living up to its anticipation which is getting everyone here at The Peoples Movies excited as our own preview is only days away but like our fellow cinephiles Stateside we wont be able to talk much about it. On paper The Cabin In The Woods may look a generic horror comedy , 5 teens in a cabin stuck in a haunted location nasty things happen but as the films slogan “You Think You Know The Story” say’s this film is certainly not generic.Reading many different posts one conclusion I’m actually getting is the less you know the better which basically sum’s up why the past few months the marketing train has been minimal.

So did the first trailer reveal too much or just enough to tease? There is a twist the question is was it revealed in that trailer, does this new trailer which does have a tiny bit more new footage spoil the broth? I would say know as you need to know a little to keep the interest going as how far to go with this is a hard move. All I’ll say is despite the American release the same as the UK&Irish release date, after this weeks premiere in USA reviews will appear on-line but here we’re not allowed to reveal anything which is frustrating. So maybe if your really keen to watch this spoiler free, I would recommend you wait until the reviews are online from UK.

April is turning out to be Whedon month with 27th April been the date of The Avengers Assemble  live action flick  and now The Cabin In The Woods coming out on all days Friday 13th April in UK&Ireland and USA! The film stars also Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchinson, Fran Kanz, Jesse Williams, Bradley Whitford, and Richard Jenkins.

source FEARnet

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