Jason Statham Has The License To Kick Your Ass In New SAFE TV Spot

Jason Statham Has The License To Kick Your Ass In New SAFE TV Spot

“I expected More…” that was an reaction from someone I knew who just had a marathon lazy day watching Jason Statham films. I kept asking “More What?” he just wouldn’t answer, I asked him was there plenty off action?ass-kicking?guns, explosions? he said “Yes” so what else do you need in a Jason Statham film that’s not already there? “dunno” I think this guy was expecting Oscar winning Sean Penn style performances instead of a knuckle down action fest that Statham is good for, I wonder what he’ll think of his next film SAFE?A new tv spot has emerged online mostly with footage we’ve seen before but there is a few new bits of  footage thrown for good measure, it’s always nice to see an alternative way to leave a restaurant in a hurry, out the window!

SAFE is out  May 4th (1 week after the US release.Safe Stars Catherine Chan, Chris Sarandon, James Hong, Reggie Lee, Robert John Burke, Anson Mount, Danny Hoch, Igor Jijikine.

Jason Statham stars as ex-Government agent Luke Wright who over the course of one harrowing night tears a swath through NY city’s corrupt underworld in order to save a young girls life and redeem his own.Packed with spectacular action sequences and bone crunching fights, SAFE explodes into cinemas May 4


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