“I’ve just been handed an urgent news story” ANCHORMAN 2 Is Go!

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention.I’ve just been handed an urgent news story. I need all of you, to stop what you’re doing and listen…This is for all Ron Burgundy fans the new you have been waiting for a very long time to here,the legendary new anchorman who is known as Ron Burgundy will be returning to a cinema near you as Anchorman 2 gets the greenlight!

Will Ferrell himself announced the news on the Conan O’Brien talk show appearing as Ron Burgundy, that he and Adam McKay (director) will make that long awaited sequel. The idea of a sequel has been lingering around Paramount HQ for a very long time, and it could have happened in 2010 when McKay pitched the idea that Anchorman 2 should be a all dancing all signing musical but that idea was turned down. How much of that 2010 idea will be in the confirmed sequel we don’t know yet however as in the other original cast members Steve Carell, Paul Rudd are the first to officially confirm, with David Koechner, Christina Applegate and Fred Willard also expected to follow with Judd Apatow to produce.

No release date or even date set for production has been confirmed however I’m sure Anchorman fans will be too excited yet to focus on those important date, they just want digest the news, there man is coming back and of course dig out the old jazz flute too! How ironic last night was the first time I watched Anchorman that today the second film is coming, a message from God or just the dust on those leather bound books?

Watch the announcement from Ron himself below!