New Featurette, TV Spot For Gareth Hughes THE RAID

This time last week I was about to enjoy (for the second time) Gareth Evan’s superb THE RAID which closed last week’s Glasgow Film Four Frightfest (part of Glasgow International Film fest). Director Gareth Evans, lead star Iko Uwais where in attendance (i now have a signed poster!) I was fortunate to have already watched it however to describe the reaction of the frightfesters is nothing but magical with the end seeing the virtually all the attendees giving it a standing ovation. If you love action films, backed up with some awesome martial arts the way they used to make them in 1980’s The Raid will be one of the best films you’ll see.

The film is coming out in May here in UK&Ireland  but for American cinephiles the film is just around the corner, March 23rd to be exact and to support the film’s upcoming release a new featurette. Collider have unleashed  a 13 minutes behind the scenes look at the training boot camp, with Welsh director Gareth Evan’s talking about he brought the film to reality, martial arts choreography, etc….Also released this week was a tv spot shows off some new footage and we did miss the recent American trailer so for more wholesome fun I’ve included the trailer too!

Momentum Pictures are handling the UK&Irish release unleashing the film on May 18th, thankfully they haven’t went for the confusing The Raid:Redemption title!

source Traileraddict