Chronicle Sequel On The Way, Josh Trank To Direct ‘Venom’ Spiderman Spin-Off?

Whatever your views on Chronicle it was a critical success you could say box office success too, so its no surprise that talk of a sequel is on the cards. Deadline have learned Fox that writer Max Landis has already started the process by writing the script and if he comes up with what he did for the original film, film fans will be happy and Chronicle 2 will make money. As for any other details on the project Fox are keeping those ideas close or they simply don’t know where they can take the story as without going into too much details, not every one of the characters survive. It could follow through how the film ended expanding, maybe introducing new characters who have similar powers maybe not gaining powers exact same way, then there’s the old prequel, it’s hard to say.

Chronicle which arrived early last month telling the story of three teen friends who suddenly find themselves with superpowers. Day by day they unearth new powers and attempt but as the powers got stronger they 3 boys loose control  with one of the threesome developing a complex thinking he’s a God.

A question might need to be answered will Josh Trank be back to direct and if he isn’t would the film suffer? Despite been a newcomer he is now a filmmaker in demand and it was only yesterday he was been connected to another superhero project. LA Times is reporting Trank is been lined up by Sony to direct Spiderman spin-off  Venom. The alien symboite is no stranger to the the film franchise as it attached himself to Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3 tranforming Eddie into a supervillain looking like a Spiderman alter ego with same strength. There’s no word from Marc Webb’s upcoming film if Venom will make a cameo at least to constitute that spin off film .

So are we looking at another super franchise on the cards? Should there be another Chronicle leave your thought below.

source Deadline