Is It “Brown Pants” Or Simply Pants? Its The New UK THE DEVIL INSIDE Trailer

Is It “Brown Pants” Or Simply Pants? Its The New UK THE DEVIL INSIDE Trailer
"arrgh why did I take that job at Glasgow Rangers FC the taxman has found me!"

2 weeks ago as I sat in the Glasgow Film Theatre at the Glasgow Film 4 Frightfest a great cheer came from the rafters when they mentioned The Devil Inside had been taken out of the programme replaced by a film which was terrible in it’s own right made me wish we could have seen the original film. The Devil Inside is a perfect example of why releasing films should be universal be it you live in Glasgow, Naples, Beijing or Los Angeles if not same day at least within a few days or within a period that all reviews will be ready to be released same day. Living in UK we’ve been subject to embargoes when our American counterparts are free to post this year here in UK we have been fortunate however after complaints from Stateside that was put to a halt, but this is a discussion for another day.

8 days time The Devil Inside will arrive on UK&Irish shores, after it’s big box office push on its opening weekend  we will get that chance to what all the fuss is about, why suddenly after opening weekend the box office profits disintegrated. Totalfilm have been sent the new UK trailer which focuses on the part of the trailer of the basement exorcism, which the possessed woman treats us all to a session of satanic yoga rounding of the session with her best impression of spiderman crawling up the wall!

So will it be 90 minutes of brown pants or just 90minutes of a film that is pants, March 16th is judgement day , please note due to health and safety issues no yoga mats will be provided if anyone fancies trying that devilish yoga!

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