Watch – Raiding The Lost Ark: A Indiana Jones Filmumentary

After watching the football today looking out the window seeing all that rain I decided to have a day in and when your bored you do some times come across some really fascinating things. Through the power of google I came across this fantastic filmumentary/ Doc by Jamie Benning Raiding The Lost Ark: A Filmumentary, it’s basically a fan documentary of Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost ark. Through clips, bloopers, interviews, images, editing in agonising 8 month’s Jamie Benning has created this doc. Jamie has already created 3 documentaries for the Star Ward trilogy (a doc per film) but sadly 2 docs have been taken down at the ‘request’ of 20th Century Fox Picutres however the last of the series you can find at Jamie Benning’s website.

Raiding of The Lost Ark lasts around 2 hours 30 minutes so its a perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon thats if your not spending it at your local cinema!

After the success of Star Wars Begins, filmmaker Jamie Benning embarked upon a new adventure. This time turning his attention to the first film in the Indiana Jones Trilogy (yes, trilogy!).  Raiding the Lost Ark, A Filmumentary is the culmination eight months of reading, trawling, interviewing and editing.  This time Jamie has sourced some of the interviews himself, with contributors from Wolf Kahler (Colonel Dietrich), Brian Muir (legendary sculptor), Mark Mangini (part of the Oscar winning sound team) and most surprisingly Sean Young (talking about her audition for the part of Marion Ravenwood).  Raiding is available for your viewing pleasure on Vimeo from 4th February 2012.”


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