VOTD:Spiderman Loves Fruit

I might not be the appropriate ambassador to promote healthy eating and reasons why eating too much of the so called unhealthy foods isn’t good for you. Today’s filmland is dominated by Comic book/superhero films but let’s go back to the time when superhero’s fought for truth and justice and being majority been American fighting the American way. Now let’s go back to the 1980’s when Hulk-a-mania ruled that’s Hulk Hogan preached we all drank milk and take our vitamins everyone’s favourite neighbourhood spiderman was fighting giant dinosaurs, giant fly that’s the size of a battleship. Fear not folks Spiderman saves the day the city offer him a massive reward but he rejects the reward as Spiderman loves banana’s and Oranges!!! Check out these American tv adverts promoting healthy snack eat plenty of fruit but 30 plus years on even here in the UK the kids of that decade are snacking, but not smart snacking!

Have a look and if you were a kid Stateside or anywhere these ads where shown did you smart snack?

source Collider