VOTD:100 Greatest Nicolas Cage Quotes

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He is the icon of failure, king of trash films but once he actually did make a decent film even during his current downhill period, whose Da Man? Nicholas Coppola aka Nicolas Cage.

One thing you can bet when its a Nicolas Cage film he’s never short of a few interesting moments happening in his wonderful array of films, love him or hate him he always brings those emotions out of his victims viewers. You can bet your bottom dollar deep down we all secretly loved a flick or two the cagemeister has gracially appeared in, even those dreadful ones you have to admit make us laugh at the so called seriousness. Just look at this list:

Gone In 60 Seconds, Wild At Heart, The Rock, Deadfall, Con Air, The Wicker Man, Leaving Las Vegas, Drive Angry, Face/Off, Wings Of The Apache (aka Fire Birds), Kick Ass, Honeymoon In Vegas, National Treasure: Book Of Secrets, Snake Eyes, Trapped In Paradise, The Family Man, Matchstick Men, Moonstruck, World Trade Center, Vampire’s Kiss, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, 8MM, Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans, Kiss Of Death, G-Force, Season Of The Witch, Lord Of War, National Treasure, Red Rock West.

The brave folks at The Daily What  have found this brilliant little video montage dedicated to everyone’s favourite actor we all love (to hate) called ‘100 Greatest Nicolas Cage Quotes ‘ which has been painstakingly put together. Not many actors can deliver some of the stuff the way the Cagemeister can, so enjoy the next 9 minutes of sheer mayhem and please dont play this at work as there’s not enough jobs out there to go around!