Which TV Spot Won The Superbowl Ratings?


The Super Bowl. The biggest event of the American sporting Calendar, and a time when some of the most exciting teasers for some of the biggest films of the year are shown. It’s what everybody talks about even here in UK&Ireland . But who got talked about the most? Who was the eventual winner?

The Avengers has come out a clear winner on Super Bowl TV Spot buzz! An honourable mention must be saved for Battleship, with Rihanna’s involvement clearly salivating Twitter audiences. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax perhaps also hit a nostalgic feeling for many tweeters, with it just edging the many LOLs/WTFs of The Dictator.

Our friends at Way to Blue who helpus provide you guys with some exciting film goodies have created  a nifty infographic to show off how the ratings went. With no The Dark Knight Rises footage or even anything from Marc Webb’s Amazing Spiderman it was no surprise the superhero’s film was going to win, it was simply the best of the bunch.

So what was your favourite? Where the spots of high quality or a big let down as some critics are saying? Love to hear your faults.