Tarsem Singh Has You Under A ‘Spell’ In New Featurette And Still For MIRROR MIRROR

When Tarsem Singh released the first trailer for MIRROR MIRROR back late last year it came out probably at the wrong time days after Snow White And The Huntsman as critics would have compared the two films. As we know now both films only connected by Snow White fairytale but both targeting completely different audiences, Mirror Mirror we know is more family orientated whilst the latter older teen. If your not British and here British media talk about Pantomime around Christmas time  Mirror Mirror could be the closest you’ll get to see one on the big screen, there is that sense of Wizard of Oz too here especially in the look of the film (including design) even a big touch of 1980’s style films like Princess Bride but will it be to those standards, we’ll find out in April!

Our friends at Studio Canal have sent us over a new featurette called ‘Spell’ which is a behind the scenes look at Snow White herself played by Zac Efron’s new love interest Lilly Collins who tells us a little about the film and her character. We’ve also been sent a new image of Snow White herself and you can see from the image how colourful bold the costume design is. Tarsem Singh never had a easy time with the film critics, his films make look visually stunning at times  only to be let down by a poor story, so Mirror Mirror visually looks more down to earth so could we finally see one of his films with a strong story? We’ll find out on April 6th (USA March 30th) when the film is released in UK&Ireland. Mirror Mirror stars Lily Collins, Julia RobertsArmie Hammer, Nathan Lane, Martin Klebba, Danny Woodburn, Sebastian Saraceno, Ronald Lee Clark

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