Sam Mendes Posts His First SKYFALL Video Blog

We’ve been following Peter Jackson in his brilliant The Hobbit video diaries it’s now the turn of Sam Mendes to get into the action of video blogging/diaries for SKYFALL. This morning exclusively released via the official James Bond website the British director released the first blog entry which was really only a short glimpse but we wont be moaners as this is only the first of many blogs and there’s still a long way to go until the October 26th release. The video actually more of a video interview which will likely be on the DVD/BluRay when its released next year an in this interview he shares his love for Bond franchise as well as an admiration for Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale. The ironic part of this video Mendes explains SKYFALL is his first film he’s shot in UK despite been British! We all have to start somewhere some time!

There isn’t really any footage here part from one snip of James Bond himself creeping around the blue neon area we saw him in that recent official picture from the film. These video’s will be updates on how things are going on the production, if there going to be as detailed as The Hobbit ones we don’t know yet, be patient as we’re creeping closer to when footage will arrive.

Skyfall‘ sees Daniel Craig joined by Judi Dench , Javier BadremRalph Feinnes ,Berenice Marlohe,  Albert Finney , Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris.