Russell Crowe To Star In Jaume Collet Serra’s HARKER Vampire Flick?

After Unknown it seemed plenty of big projects were coming Jaume Collet-Sera‘s way and they did.From the big blockbusters 300: Battle Of Artemisia, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, even the unwelcomed troubled Akira which we know Warner Bros have put on hold and now he’s went back to the project he was going to do before Akira appeared HARKER.

Harker is the re-imaging of the classic Dracula tale with Leonardo Di Caprio  a classic tale we all thought we knew. Vulture  are reporting Russell Crowe is in talks to possibly come on board the film which is a vampire story from the point of view of Jonathan Harker, who in the original was a lawyer but in Harker he will become a Scotland Yard Police Officer. Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy will script this which will see Harker investigate the gruesome murders in England by the Count which actually looks quite good and with Collet -Serra with more spare time than he many film directors but we cant say that about Crowe.

Like the film’s director the past few month’s it seems Russell Crowe has also been connected to every film project to date.In March he’s expected to be part of the French Revolution in Tom Hooper’s Le Miserables which is due to start filming then later this summer the animals will board the ark two by two for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. There’s always been the talk of Robocop but thats been denied by the actor on several occasions and there could also be Akiva Goldman’s adaptation of Mark Helperin novel Winter’s Tale. As you can see it’s non stop for Crowe so if he sign’s on the dotted line we could still be a long way away from seeing this one go into production, the film may not appeal to everyone but you could see the actor having alot of fun with this. Whatever happens Harker will certainly be Jaume Collet-Serra’s next project before he starts to think about Akira again which should be re-written with lower or budget (or even better scrapped).

source Vulture