Michael Fassbender To Star In Ridley Scott’s THE COUNSELLOR

No matter if you enjoyed or even have an opinion of Shame Michael Fassbender is now one of films most recognized faces in the industry. Many believe he should be getting more praise, awards for his efforts in the Steve McQueen film, we all agree here at the peoples movies. One thing the Irish actor is getting is offers for some impressive high end films and Deadline are reporting Michael Fassbender is confirmed to star in Ridley Scott’s The Counsellor.

On June 1st we will see him appear in Scott’s Prometheus which Fassbender plays the android but according to the report The Counsellor will start shooting this May. Ridley Scott has oblivious picked on the actor’s visceral style of acting whilst filming Prometheus that he wants him to be in his follow up project which is apparently attracting a high number of high profile actors wanting to appear in it. Possibly the other reason is the fact the film marks the first penned script from Irish author Cormac McCarthy which seems also to be a big inspiration on The Counsellor too, a story about a lawyer who naively gets himself involved in a drugs tirade. We don’t know the rest of the cast news but if the film is to start in May more cast news including the two important female roles who play an important part in the film we will bring it to you as soon as we can.

Like all big actors Michael Fassbender‘s schedule is filling up really fast as he’s expected to team up once again with Steve McQueen in Twelve Years a Slave but if this film will shoot before or after The Counsellor we don’t know. The actor has also recently been connected to star in a film about Cuchulainn a Irish Celtic warrior a film he’s now likely to do after the above mentioned films. What we are excited to see is Ridley Scott actually directing a straight drama rather than a big blockbuster style type film where the focus is on the cast rather than the size of the film.