Jason Statham Versus New York City Gangsters In New TV Trailer For SAFE

If you ever find yourself in the middle of a part of city let’s say New York City you don’t want to be at it or you have something that’s useful to gangster, you would do no wrong to running into Jason Statham. He knows how to take care of himself and if need be he can protect someone with great precision like in his new film SAFE.

Tonight a new 70 second TV Trailer/tv spot has appeared online thanks to Machinima which shows off a lot of gangsters getting a beatdown from Statham as well as other dishing out the pain too. Statham play Luke Wright a Ex-NYC  cop who witness some knuckleheads attempting to kidnap a 12 year old Chinese girl who rescues but finds himself up against every Chinese mobster and shady character from New York City.

Jason Statham’s films maybe a little predictable at times, however one thing he does seem to do well is try come up with new ways to beat the living daylights of those nasty people that get in his way. SAFE may not exactly be up there in the level of intensity of The RAID, but this will certainly put a smile on the faces of fans of that film and those who love a old school slobber knocker!  Safe Stars Catherine Chan, Chris Sarandon, James Hong, Reggie Lee, Robert John Burke, Anson Mount, Danny Hoch, Igor Jijikine, Lawrence with the film scheduled for a May 4th (April 27th USA) UK&Ireland release.

Jason Statham stars as ex-Government agent Luke Wright who over the course of one harrowing night tears a swath through NY city’s corrupt underworld in order to save a young girls life and redeem his own.Packed with spectacular action sequences and bone crunching fights, SAFE explodes into cinemas May 4