GFF2012:HUNKY DORY UK Trailer Starring Minnie Driver

Entertainment One have sent us over the UK trailer for HUNKY DORY starring Minnie Driver, a new British comedy drama which see’s Driver as a Musical teacher during the 1970’s Swansea. As the title suggests Hunky Dory is named after a classic David Bowie album the film will be inspired by the music of the decade as Driver who plays Drama teacher Viv who attempts to pump life into William Shakespeare’s The Tempest but with rock’n’roll elegance even David Bowie would have been proud of! Off course this is’nt a straight up musical but a coming of age romance  story Davey (Aneurin Barnard) and Stella (Danielle Branch).

When I look at the music of now, it’s stagnant with no soul, destroyed by the devil himself Simon Cowell. I was born in the mid-1970’s but  I would have just loved to have been a little older even the age of the cast to enjoy the great rocking sounds of the decade and to see the great rock of David Bowie in his prime!

Hunky Dory is set for a UK&Irish release on March 2nd but later this month February 18th you can catch the film at Glasgow International Film Festival. Hunk Dory also stars George MacKay, Kimberley Nixon and Steve Speirs directed by Marc Evans (My Little Eye).

Welcome to Swansea, 1976 during the hottest summer on record, where rehearsals are taking place for a high-school Rock ‘n’ Roll version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest that David Bowie would be proud of. Hunky Dory is an unforgettable coming-of-age journey following a group of school friends in their last weeks before they are out in the real world. Don’t miss this home-grown, nostalgic, feel-good flick!