“Let The Games Begin!” First TV Spots For THE HUNGER GAMES

Exactly 4 weeks time The Hunger Games will be upon us and let’s be honest without actually seeing any of the film this will probably destroy any other film out at the same time when it comes box office sales. If this true here’shoping they Gary Ross has created a film worthy to match the box office we’re expecting and what better way to our appetites by releasing 2 new tv spots!

The young adult population worldwide will be getting really excited to finally see Katniss Everdean (Jennifer Lawrence) finally on the big screen, I’ve never read the books but what I’m hearing from fans of the book this story is made to be enjoyed on the big screen. This has a fan base as big as Twilight if not bigger and on first impressions the characters are a lot more colourful maybe a little more outlandish but most of all not as depressing as one dimensional as that vampire franchise we all loathe. I’ve never read the books for The Hunger Games yet but when it comes to book adaptations I’m a believer of watching the film then read the book as you wont be as judgemental if certain things are different. In these new tv spots we do see some new footage mostly of the early parts of the games and smartly not giving too much away, most of all the new footage raises our anticipation levels to see more of this film, not long to go now!

The Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland  and Elizabeth Banks, and will be released on March 23rd 2012.

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