Feature:The Toy Cupboard’s Top 10 Spy Gadgets

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MI-5 and MI-6 have their fair share of futuristic gizmos and gadgets. These cool tricks of the spy trade are there to help spies see in the dark, hear through walls, track down villains and keep our country safe. Sometimes these gadgets seem completely ridiculous, although they do deserve a laugh.
One of the funniest spies of our time has to be Johnny English. The gizmos and gadgets MI-7 give to English seem to get him into more trouble than they’re worth. From trick-sweets, to deadly cameras and golf clubs – you can be sure Agent English is causing havoc, once again. You can see what MI-7’s “Toy Cupboard” has come up with this time when Johnny English Reborn is released on Blu-rayTriple Play and DVD on February 13 2012.

The Toy Cupboard’s Top 10 Spy Gadgets:
10. Dart Gun Camera
Johnny uses this gadget to stop a villain running of with the key he found for MI7. When the camera takes a photo of something, in this case a rubber dingy, it shoots a dart and pierces it.
9. Lipstick Gun
Designed to look like a lipstick, this nifty contraption is actually a deadly weapon.
8. Dyson Rifle
Disguised as a maid, one of the villains of Johnny English Reborn has a Dyson vacuum cleaner with a deadly attachment – it becomes a rifle.
7. Voice Changing Travel Losenges
Unfortunately for Agent English, he didn’t know these tasty treats were actually voice changing travel losenges – until he ended up sounding like a little girl.
6. Umbrella Missile
A simple, harmless umbrella – that is until it’s closed and shoots a missile from the handle, out the top.

5. Golf Club Rifle
This cunning gadget is a rifle, disguised as a golf club – luckily it can be used as both.
4. Grapple Hook / Distress Alarm
Just when Johnny was trying to be quiet and use his grapple hook to climb up a building, he pressed the wrong button and set off the “agent in distress alarm,” attracting a lot of unwanted attention.
3. Golf Bag Machine Gun
if the golf club rifle isn’t doing the trick, this golf bag can be turned on the side and used as a semi-automatic machine gun.
2. 60MPH Wheelchair
Not your average get away vehicle, but agent English manages to escape being arrested in a one of a kind, 60 mile an hour wheel chair – complete with a pistol in the arm rest.
1. V16 Rolls Royce Phantom
Complete with voice activation, armour plating and a bonnet ornament-mounted laser with target-seeking capability, this beautiful car is the ultimate addition to any spy’s gadget collection.



You can catch all of these gadgets and more, when agent English returns in Johnny English Reborn, available to own on Blu-ray and DVD on February 13, 2012.

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