The sequel to 2003’s Johnny English again stars Rowan Atkinson as an MI7 agent in this James Bond parody. Director Oliver Parker’s film this time sees Johnny having previously been ousted from his occupation, being invited to return in order to investigate and sabotage a plot to assassinate a world leader by taking down various agents from around the world, including an insider from MI7.
The thin plot relies mainly on slapstick comedy, strangely the most amusing one being a malfunctioning chair gag.

Perhaps not the most original of premises or comedy containing the most laughs of recent times, Johnny English Reborn can still be considered a more enjoyable watch compared to a lot of fare released these days. This is perhaps down to its silly and quintessentially British humour, as well as the charisma of Atkinson.

Essentially forgettable, but none the less a decent watch. Also starring Gillian Anderson, Rosamund Pike and Dominic West.

Movie Rating: 3/5

Reviewer: Sophie Stephenson
DVD/BD Release Date:12th February 2012 (uk)
Rated: 12 (UK)
Director: Oliver Parker
Cast: Rowan Atkinson, Rosamund Pike, Dominic West, Gillian Anderson

Special Features:
Triple Play
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The English Files – The Making Of Johnny English Reborn
English in Hong Kong
Working With Rowan
The Wheelchair Chase
Gag Reel
Feature Commentary
Deleted/Extended Scenes with Intro from Director Oliver Park
Pocket BLU

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The Wheelchair Chase
Gag Reel
Deleted/Extended Scenes with Intro from Director Oliver Park
Feature Commentary
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