COOL STUFF: Own Your Very Own Ryan Gosling DRIVE Paperdoll

We all love the cinema, watching dvds and blurays but times are hard sometimes those things we love we may not be able to do or do on a more regular basis with everyone with very little money (as well as prices rising too). When you are a fanatic of film and crave a weekly fix like a smoker may do a cigarette now that can be a stressful time, step Kyle Hilton who maybe able to help that craze.

Kyle Hilton is a Californian based artist/designer and he has created some cool paper dolls and if its style you like one of his massive collection is for Nicholas Winding Refn’s DRIVE! So yes girls you can now own your very own Ryan Gosling aka ‘The Driver’ with a selection of jackets as seen in the film as well as the prosthetic mask  not forgetting the hammer, walkie too. So when it comes to Saturday or sunday afternoon you can act out your favourite film giving you a chance fill those weekend hours with some film fun!

If Drive is not your film you can chose from a wide collection that includes Thor, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development.

source Super Punch