March 25, 2023

“Aarrrgh!” The Hulkster Has Arrived THE AVENGERS Superbowl TV Spot!


This is going to be a long night and these Super Bowl spots will be coming thick and fast, I have my coffee at my side and before I can even take another sip of the black stuff we have another TV Spot and it’s a cracker! Behold Marvel fans we have a extended spot for Marvel’s finest THE AVENGERS 65 seconds of pure in adulterated fun probably what comic book fans have been waiting for (well Im waiting on Justice League, a boy can dream!)!Every one of the team shows face in this one, showing off alot of new action/footage , Nick Fury believes in Hero’s like David Bowie and Loki has army but we have The Hulk! Yes Boys & Girls we get a good look at Mark Ruffalo’s incarnation of the green giant and it looks like Nick Fury also Samuel L Jackson will be on our screens for more than 2 minutes and not just at the end of each Marvel film to cameo setting up the next one, but will they be joined by Spiderman?

We’ll find out April 27th (May 4th USA) when the film arrives in UK&Ireland and Robert Downey Jnr, Chris Evans,Chris Hemsworth​,Scarlett Johansson​, Jeremy Renner​,Mark Ruffalo​, Samuel L Jackson​, Cobie Smulders​, Stellan Skarsgaard​ will entertain the masses on screen!

*Updated With UK version a big thanks to Marvel Entertainment UK for sending us the new version*
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