Be Teased By A Teaser For A Teaser, THE AVENGERS Superbowl Spot

How time flies I still remember last year staying up into the small hour to bring you the incoming tv spots, trailers, clips from The Superbowl and now this Sunday its about to happen all over again. I will do my best bring you whats coming, this year we don’t really know what to expect apart from something from the big blockbusters like Joss Wheadon’s THE AVENGERS. It’s now became traditional not just for events like the Superbowl but anytime one of the blockbusters is about to release new teasing footage they release a shorter teaser of a teaser like we saw at last year’sevent and more recently with Prometheus and tonight its Marvel Entertainments other premier group (the other been The X-Men).

Running at 17 seconds long we do get treated to some epic new footage something we’ve been waiting for and with the release date creeping closer and closer a new trailer should be due too. The superbowl is one of film studio’s biggest nights as they know the target audience will be watching not just Stateside but worldwide so those who can afford will pay over the odds to get 30 seconds of glory which costs around $5million (around £3million) so in reality we have seen about half of this upcoming spot! The teaser was shown after Joss Wheadon‘s twitter Q& a today where he also qaushed the recent rumours of a certain webslinger making a cameo but as we like to say around The Peoples Movies HQ ‘Never Say Never’ as strangest things have happened and people you never expected turn up, Marvel Films perfect example of that!

Check out the first trailer here again, The Avengers star Robert Downey Jnr, Chris Evans,Chris Hemsworth​,Scarlett Johansson​, Jeremy Renner​,Mark Ruffalo​, Samuel L Jackson​, Cobie Smulders​, Stellan Skarsgaard​.!

The Avengers Arrive in UK&Ireland April 27th 2012!