Spike Lee’s Oldboy Start Date Pushed Back, Clive Owen May Not Be Villian No More?

During the week the news that Akira may be put on hold or even scrapped I think came to some relief for cinephiles who worship the original Manga/Anime the film is to be based on, another one that has caused similar outcry is Oldboy. Spike Lee adaptation however has been gaining slightly more support and been a fan of the original I am sort of creeping towards actually looking forward to this one now.  The filming for this was meant to be March time  but now according to Variety that filming is now going to start a few months later in late Summer early Autumn. It’s not a worrying sign just yet for those looking forward to this film , it’s to do with press commitments of the films lead Josh Brolin which was reported by Variety’s Jeff Sneider who said via Twitter “Oldboy pushing back to late summer/early fall b/c of Josh Brolin’s press commitments for Men In Black 3.” That news was followed quickly by Jeff  that Clive Owen is now unlikely to play the villain , reason’s not given however  it could be the old case of  scheduling problems due to the filming now  shooting later in the year but dont count out the problem also been monetary or even creative differences.

Though at this stage it doesn’t look like Lee is having the major style problems as Akira production is having though it already has had a few knock back in the villain role from Colin Firth, Christian Bale with Rooney Mara for the female lead. On the female lead it was Mia Wasikowska leading the line to play the female lead however the silence from that department is getting to the deafening level. At this point I maybe disappointed this film is about to be made however there is a part of me eager to see what Lee does with this film  and the now extended wait hopefully the director will do the right thing (no punts please) and get the cast ready for the shoot.

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