Sony To Push Ahead With Millennium Trillogy Despite The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Under performing

When the news broke that David Fincher was going to direct the English Language version of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo the film media and fans got very excited. When Fincher, some of the cast like Daniel Craig started doing interviews the one question they where constantly asked will you do The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, they never committed themselves to saying yes or no and no you maybe see why. With The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo now playing in cinema’s in most parts of the world it is under performing (even in Sweden the original films origins) falling behind the likes of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol even the disappointing Sherlock Holmes Book Of Shadows though there could be a good enough reason for that, those films are PG/12A whilst The Girl is an 18.

Maybe David Fincher  knew something when he was making it, that maybe only the fans of the original may appreciate the film better than a general film fan but if news that’s broke the last few days is true the follow up films maybe getting made as well. Sony Pictures aren’t renowned for taking big risks on under performers and many waited with baited breath to see if Chief Amy Pascal would give film 2 & 3 the thumbs up  but it seems she has according to Deadline with Steve Zallian scribing.

This is great news for the fans of the films, books who have been loyal to Fincher’s adaptation however this report does state David Fincher hasn’t been tied down to the  films nor does he want to commit in anyway, if he doesn’t there is nothing  to suggest who could take over.  As for film two The Girl Who Played With Fire Lisbeth Salander  does appear in the book but not as dominant as book 1 however she is still an important part of the book as the story progresses new characters come into the affray ones important to Lisbeth past. So if Zallian is scripting the new films how much will he follow the book and will he alter the story to give Rooney Mara more screen time? This is something Peter Jackson had to do with Liv Tyler’s character in Lord Of The Rings trilogy as she  wasn’t in the book as much as she was in the film. Rooney Mara’s performance in the Girl was one of the highlights of the new film she gave a very intense even darker performance and would be a bonus to give her more screen time, they did it in film one so it shouldn’t be a problem for film 2.

Will No David Fincher mean less interest in the follow up films? Will they actually get the go ahead? If they do how much of the second film should they alter? Love to know your thoughts below are you a fans of the books (or) and original films? Read our review here and have a look at the James Bond esque opening credits of the new version below!