“My Precioussss!” First Look At The Lego Lord Of The Rings Toys!

Many moons ago there was a time every young child owned some lego, I did and at my Mum’s in a massive bucket the lego is still there been enjoyed by the younger members of the clan. In my time it was houses, sometimes soldiers maybe the odd space station but now 25 years on those little fun blocks are about to get not just the little kids excited but the grown up ones too.

With the arrival of The first Hobbit film this December fans of all thing JR Tolkien and Middle Earth will be in a frenzy as Lego have revealed the Lord of The Rings Trilogy set of the franchises hero’s and Villains. It’s expected the first set of toys will start arriving in time for the launch of the first Hobbit film possibly as early as this summer.

The Hero’s features none other than the fellowship with frodo, Sam, with Aragorn along with Gandalf the Grey we even have Lego-las (oops sorry bad joke!). As for the villains we have a Ura Ki warrior, orc, rignwraith and of course ‘my preciousss’ Gollum! Kids will be kids be you 3 or 93 you can’t deny the urge of actually buying these sets? So are you thinking of Christmas 2012 already?

source THR

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