Let’s See How Mel Gibson Spent His Summer In Trailer For GET THE GRINGO

Mel Gibson is a troubled soul and since his ‘little’ outburst we have had a couple of films that the actor was hoping would get him back on track to some sort of solace with not just the film fandom but also the people who’ll give him the pay cheques. Last thing studio’s want is to be associated with a who has scandal follow him everywhere he goes and losing them $$$ too, so it’s no surprise that Mel Gibson’s latest attempt at a comeback has found itself limited to VOD only(May 1st USA)  release, a film name change, well at least for USA.

How I spent The Summer Vacation now has the title of GET THE GRINGO which has Gibson a driver who is involved in a car chase with a bloody body finds himself locked up in a Mexican prison learning to survive thanks to a 10 year old boy. I have to admit Gibson does seem to fare a little better in the action thriller front but you can only do that route for so long before ages catches up on you and you’ll just want to do direct to dvd releases rest of career. I’m one of the very few who thought The Beaver was ok and With Get The Gringo which got some good ratings from the test screenings does well maybe Gibson might gradually find himself in the limelight for the right reasons or to many he can stay the dark he crawled out of.

Get The Gringo may still see light in a cinema as its still down to show in the UK&Ireland on May 11th. The film also stars Peter Stormare, Dean Norris, Bob Gunton, Scott Cohen, Sofía Sisniega, Patrick Bauchau, and directed by Adrian Grunberg

source The Film Stage

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