THIS MEAN’S WAR International 60 Second TV Spot

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When you look at it in reality if this was a man cheating with two women he would be getting called every dirty name in the book rightly so but what if it was the girl with the two guys? What if they where both friends and worked for the CIA? It would be called THIS MEANS WAR starring Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine the guilty parties in this new comedy from all people MCG! Hardy & Pine are best of friends but also use their power of authority to use those ‘toys’ the secret service agents of countries around the world can only get there mucky paws on all to win the heart of the same girl. 20th Century Fox Pictures over the weekend released this new what looks like UK extended 60 second tv spot as it aired on channel 4 during tonight 127Hours television premier and it does have some bits of new footage mixed in with already seen stuff. MCG will be hoping this will win back the faith of those film fans who deserted in there droves when he destroyed the Terminator legend (though it was already in decline) on February 17th 2012 we’ll find out if This Means War is McG back on track .Over in USA this one has a new release date of Valentine’s Day 14th February, in reality this is a romance film with hopefully comedy value so maybe a change from the generic crap we get every year around this time.

22/01/2012 UPDATE – A big thanks To 20th Century Fox Pictures have sent us the new spot and a new UK poster which now confirms on February 14th UK&Irish fans can now see previews of this before its released a few days later

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Two of the world’s top secret agents are best friends who never let anything come between them — until they inadvertently fall for the same woman.  It’s all-out war, as the two spies battle each other with high-tech surveillance, advanced tactics, and an arsenal capable of bringing down a small country.