“Lights, Camera, Action!” It’s The Official Oscars 2012 Trailer !

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They’ve been Charged With Tracking Down….a legend” Oh yes and we now know that legend is none other than Billy Crystal! After the malarkey of  Brett Ratner, Eddie ‘Your Mama’ Murphy the film world probably sighed a big sign of relief when they knew Billy Crystal was hosting this years ceremony. He may not be mr comedy but his brand of humour  suits the Academy perfectly thus he was a popular choice and has been for several years. Now he’s in place The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has teamed up with Funnyordie to bring you this years official trailer  for 84th Annual Academy Awards, it’s a cheeky little trailer that only Funnyordie could get away with.

Titled ‘The Host’ it has several actors in it you wouldn’t really associate much with the awards or have for a very long time with William Fichtner  who sends out 2 of his ‘agents’ Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox to track down the mysterious person who has fallen  off the grid. On the way we meet Vinnie Jones moonlighting as a bar man in some topical paradise, Robin Williams exiled to Mongolia  probably for been  crazy, eccentric but is the person there looking for the Yeti? Well you’ll just have to watch!

Sunday 26th February is the big night for all us here in UK&Ireland if your fortunate to have Sky Movies package you can watch the night unfold, American film fans can watch the night at ABC  7pm EST /4PM PST. We’ll try get an online link hopefully we’ll air here at the site, possibly something set up at Facebook, fingers cross we can get something sorted in the mean time January 24th is the first important date for The Academy as this is when the nominations will be announced!