THE GREY Video Interviews Joe Carnahan & Liam Neeson

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Yesterday I was fortunate to do a short morning shift at work which basically left me all afternoon as well as evening for own pleasure. As any cinephile would do if they have some spare time head off to your local, that’s local cinema and on the menu yesterday was 2 films with Joe Carnahan’s THE GREY high on the agenda. THE GREY stars Liam Neeson teaming up with his old A-Team director playing a Alaskan based oil rig ‘roughneck’ who with his fellow compadre’s heading home to their families when the plane they were travelling in crashes in the Alaskan snow caped wilderness who don’t just have to fend off the extreme conditions but also survive a pack of angry wolves.

I’m sure the thought of watching a Joe Carnahan film the man who brought us the disappointing A-Team and even worse Smoking Aces may not be the best thing you need to actually go see The Grey. However after seeing the film The Grey is certainly the director’s best film to date and when you have a actor Liam Neeson who has taken on the Albanian mafia to save his daughter or taken out 2 fellow hitmen to save a person who has the answer to world famine you need to at least check this out. The Grey has elements everything from Alive to deliverance with some nice stylish dream sequences and a film some deeper messages making this an edge of seat affair that does make you feel you are a part of the team running for your lives making this a film to check out.

Below are 2 video interviews one with Joe Carnahan talking about the film, working with Liam Neeson and the other cast performances and that deeper message of the film. The second interview is with Liam Neeson who talks about his fellow cast and Joe Carnahan too and working in those extreme conditions. The Grey also stars Frank Grillo​, Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts, Joe Anderson, James Badge Dale​, and Nonso Anozie​ in cinemas now.