FRIENDS WITH KIDS Trailer Re-unites (Some) Bridesmaids Cast

Let’s be honest no one was really expecting Bridesmaids to be the successful hit it became, it took everyone by surprise. So when the past week or two when talk of Bridesmaids 2 was on the agenda it really got alot of people excited but also anxious that the film’s star Kristin Wiig may not be involved in film2.Whilst we wait anxiously to find out what’s going on a few of the cast have got together for a new romantic comedy FRIENDS WITH KIDS and tonight the first trailer has arrived online. Some are calling this Bridesmaids 2 probably because it has Kristin Wiig,John Hamm, Maya Rudolph, Chris O’Dowd with Adam Scott and Jennifer Wesfeldt (who is also the director)who decide to have a baby whilst in a platonic relationship.

Don’t expect the edgy jokes think more dramatic maybe even in the lines of No Strings Attached or Friends With Benefits, however that doesn’t mean this isn’t funny though. The film did play last summers Toronto Film Festival and did leave the festival with some positive buzz, but its the same old problem when they’ve did something so successful together it’s going to be hard to see them doing nothing other than what they did in Bridesmaids. There is support cast from Megan Fox and Edward Burns with no UK&Irish release date announced but American film fans can catch this March 9th.

So is this how you wanted to Wiig, Ham, Rudolph, O’Dowd back on the big screen? Will just hold out for Bridesmaids 2 if or when it comes?

Source: Yahoo Movies

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