March 22, 2023

“Come Fly With Me! Come Fly Away!” First Trailer For 7500


I always remember the time my adventure working overseas when the in-flight entertainment was the Final Destination, as you’ll know not the most appropriate entertainment to show 35,000 feet in the air sitting next to a friend who doesn’t like flying. I love air travel no matter where I’m off to be it London or Guangzhou, China but what if your on a flight and there’s more than just the spirits the cabin crew are serving from the drinks trolley? Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) there is spirits but ones of the supernatural variety as the first official trailer for 7500 has been been unleashed online.

The supernatural thriller sees passengers onboard a longhaul flight (number 7500) from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan when unlucky passengers onboard encounter a mysterious supernatural force onboard. Back up with newly weds, old friends hoping to re-unite in the Land of The Rising Sun, A couple with a dark secret and a woman with a unhealthy interest in all things deaths will probably make you wish to never to fly again that’s if The Grey hasn’t done that job already! There’s a big healthy dose of the directors previous films along with Devil influencing this film, which looks like it potentially has plenty of jump out of seats moments making 7500 a schlock fun film to enjoy this coming summer.

Still no word on the films UK&Irish release but American fans can catch this one August 31st. 7500 stars Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Johnathon Schaech, Leslie Bibb, Jamie Chung, Nicky Whelan, Christian Serratos, Scout Taylor-Compton, Jerry Ferrara, and Alex Frost.

source IGN