Film Oddity: Food Fight

This film oddity has just popped up on the radar, after someone decided it should see the light of day.

Having been in development since 2002, and with a production budget of around 60 million dollars, ‘Food Fight’ was once seen as an ambitious animation project, produced by Threshold Entertainment (yep, we haven’t heard of them either, but they currently own the rights to the brands Mortal KombatMr. Clean, the M&Ms and Twinkie the Kid?)

Starring Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff, with other names such as Eva Longoria, Wayne Brady & Christopher Lloyd attached, what could go wrong?!

Official Synopsis:

Once the Marketropolis Market closes for the night, product icons come to life. However, problems occur when Brand X comes into the store and Sunshine Goodness disappears.

Seems like they didn’t realise Pixar were already light years ahead with their animation. To put it in perspective, Pixar had already released Monsters Inc. the year before this was due for release. But before someone decided to spill their soulless pile of cash in to this project, the plug was pulled and it was shelved indefinitely.

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