Duplass Brother’s JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME Get’s First Trailer

One of my favourite films of 2010 was the Duplass Brother’s Cyrus which in a way was the brother’s step up from small time indie comedies to slightly better funded ‘bigger’  comedies and now 2 years on the brother’s return with the follow up JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME. The film keeps the mumblecore ‘legend’ living on but with a quirkier more heartfelt approach which won the film fantastic reviews at last september’s  Toronto Film Festival and now the first trailer has arrived thanks to Apple .

Starring Jason Segel as Jeff a slacker, Ed Helms more successful but also Jeff’s brother  Pat who is going through a mid-life crisis only to find out of his brither Jeff who happens to be still living at home with  mum (Susan Sarandon). The pair go out to spy Pat’s wife but what should be an ordinary ‘spying mission’ ends up taking the brothers on a journey unintended circumstances for the pair. It may not have the dark streak of Cyrus but still follows the journey of ‘loser’ trying to find his destiny in life highlighting the fact no matter how much we plan life never ends out the way for most of us mortal souls wish it had.

Jeff Who Lives At Home certainly looks very dramatic as well as funny and the past 12-24 months it’s been a busy time for Jason Segel and this might just be the film that gets him the breakout performance he deserves. The film will be out in UK&Ireland April 20th, and also stars Susan Sarandon, Judy Greer as the ‘cheating wife’.