“Born To Be Wild (With Superpowers)” In New CHRONICLE Trailer & Clip

There all creeping out of the woodwork today films we’ve not heard much from recently, like indie sci-fi CHRONICLE. Playing on the found footage scenario Josh Tank /Max Landis (son of John) low budget flick  doesn’t go down the supernatural route we’ve been seen recently in Found footage films but  taking 3 high school kids  who find themselves empowered with what could only be described as ‘superhero type’ powers.  Things start as a bit of fun, a laugh annoying girls, levitating teddy bears but like all things that are too good to be true  things go from good to bad, bad to worse  as the boys powers start to develop beyond there control.

That last part certainly sounds a little bit of a Akira scenario with Tetsu unable to control his newly found kinetic powers, as for the Akira style ending we we don’t know this film will go that far. This film is been suggested as a early sleeper hit for 2012 the film’s footage certainly suggests something a little more refreshing,funny from the typical found footage malarkey which looks like it could drift into something a little more darker and sinister.

Below is an new trailer from IGN who expand on the film’s first trailer with new footage and storyline with a new clip from Machinima (via The Filmstage) which should get the pulses excited about this film. Michael Kelly (Dawn Of The Dead, Defendor, Adjustment Bureau) been really the only recognisable face, Dane Dehaan, Alex Russell​, Michael b. Jordan  which should arrive in a cinema near you February 1st UK&Ireland and 2 days later Stateside.

Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to they’re developing uncanny powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities, and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control, and their darker sides begin to take over.

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