Sundance 2012: Rubber Director Return’s with another Strange film with WRONG Trailer

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Back around February time this year I couldn’t get a press ticket for Rubber for its UK Premier at this years Glasgow Film Festival, I was also too late for the DVD release but now Quentin Dupieux is back with his new film WRONG I attend not to miss this one!. This time 4 weeks it will be a start of another year and of course the film festival that kicks everything off again Sundance Film Fest and Dupieux’s flick is to appear in the World Cinema category and this short teaser trailer is as bafling but intriguing as Rubber, it seems its all about the dog?!Sundance is one of those festivals I’ve really wanted to attend but my disadvantage  everyone in Cinehouse & The Peoples Movies is in UK and Australia! But thankfully April 2012 Sundance is coming to London! Maybe my dream will come true!?

William Fichtner, Jack Plotnick , Steve Little,Charley Koontz , Eric Judor and Alexis Dziena with the film is set for January 20th 2012 premier at the festival.No official release date elsewhere but expect to see this film tour the festival next year, fingers cross it will appear at Sundance festival UK.

Dolph searches for his lost dog, but through encounters with a nympho pizza-delivery girl, a jogging neighbor seeking the absolute, and a mysterious righter of wrongs, he may eventually lose his mind… and his identity.

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