How To Silence A TV News Reporter? Watch And Learn!

News Reporters in general have been the scourge of society since the day they first picked up a pencil or typed the first word on a typewriter. If your life was affected by such lowlife reporting from the likes of News Of The World (apologies for the offensive name)a new video has appeared on the old t’internet which gives you a suggestion on how to silence a news reporter…Kill them. Ok that was a little bit harsh(please don’t kill anyone) but in this new viral video for The Darkest Hour which shows an unfortunate Russian TV Reporter been disintegrated by the aliens from the film. You’ll be aware these aliens are unique as they are invisible and feed of the electricity but Reporters been reporter the warning signs of the lights going out they follow the story but this becomes there last one!

There has been a few site criticizing this film simply because no preview was offered to film sites, media, bloggers which film distributors rely on to spread the word, no preview does suggest poor film which could be the case, but history also states films with previews aren’t always the best films either. All will be revealed January 13th 2012 when the film arrives in UK&Ireland however Christmas Day the film arrives USA and the next few days we will find out. THE DARKEST HOUR stars Emile Hirsch​, Olivia Thirlby​, Max Minghella​, Rachel Taylor​, Joel Kinnaman and Greg Kinnear​.