Robert Pattinson Still Got his ‘fang’ With The Ladies in BEL AMI UK Trailer


With only one more torture film to go before legions of broody teen/emo girls worldwide fall into an even more depressive mode that Edward Cullen will be no more on the big screen, Robert Pattinson is moving on. Today Studio Canal have sent us the new UK trailer for BEL AMI which reveals R Pattz still has the ‘fang’ for the ladies but it’s Bella Swan no more, it’s time to get ‘right dirty’ with the more sophisticated ladies of 19th century Paris.

Based on the  Guy de Maupassant’s 1885 novel of the same name Bel Ami , R Pattz stars as Georges Duroy, a poverty stricken man who rises through the social ladder of Paris late 1800’s, manipulating and seducing the city’ most influential woman. As the synopsis say’s this is certainly the Dangerous Liason’s for the current generation  ironically I’ve worked with a few people (men&women) who have this way of life like Duroy  and it’s all ended in disaster for them all. I’ve read a few posts on this film saying Robert Pattinson is in the running for a Oscar, I’m not too sure on that one but I am seeing is the actors first true test , has he completely moved on from Twilight Saga? Bel Ami is one aimed at the adult population rather than the Twihards of the world though like Kristin Stewart with Snow White & The Huntsman whatever they do the twihards wont be far behind.

BEL AMI also stars Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci and Colm Meaney with the film arriving in UK&Ireland March 2nd, still no date confirmed for USA.

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