Poster Round-up: Cabin In The Woods, Journey 2:Mysterious Island,Haywire,Men In Black 3,John Carter Muppets

It’s been a little while since we had a Poster round up and we have a mixed bag of posters for you viewing pleasure first up for Josh Whedon’s much delayed produced Cabin In The Woods.This is a film which started its promotion away back 2009 and went through the dark period of been delayed, delayed and delayed again even got to the point “Will it actually be released?”. Finally the horror thriller which is we don’t know much about it but with its first poster which looks rather distorted poster been moved like a Rubik cube, really cool stuff. Lionsgate are been really sly in not giving much away but it’s out April 13th 2012. Hopefully with a new poster out and the release date now finally set we will get a trailer soon!

He is the People’s Champ plus the inspiration behind the name of the website Dwayne The Rock Johnson  as well as the star of Journey 2:Mysterious IslandYahoo have released 5 new posters showing  The Rock, Michael Caine, Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens then all them with Louis Guzman all showing the characters with one of those giant creatures either behind them or in front of them. It seems the Rock just can’t stop giving the viewer ‘the peoples stare’, February 10th.

Steven Soderbergh is a confusing fellow who can’t seem to make his mind up exactly when or if he’ll retire as every week he seems to move the goalposts. Every week we hear about a new film project or an old one he stops but one film we know he has directed and will be with us next month is Haywire which is out January 20thEmpire today had the privilege of releasing the films first UK Quad poster, so what’s next for Soderbergh, Liberace? Who knows!!

From Porn star to Hollywood film director Barry Sonnenfeld  in 2012 brings us the third installment of Men In Black 3, I’m one of the very few people who did not like any of this franchise (overrated personally, it was ok). With Summer only months away it was time for some marketing and we get 2 Magic Eye style posters  and there’s even a viralsite too. May 25th 2012 is the day to slip on those dark shades and beware of those Men in Black Suits probably holiday resorts around the Mediterranean as they attempt to recreate the MIB Big Willy Style dance! Leave to Mr Smith.(source  ComingSoon).

Its certainly been a big week for Disney’s John Carter this week we’ve had the full trailer arrived Thursday and tonight we have 3 fantastic banners which will be gracing a cinema near you probably either next month or February. The banners come from  Apple and they definitely give you a sense of scale of some of the creature John Carter comes up against, even Woola his dog friend is not a small creature either, find out March 9th 2012!

Finally we have another Muppets poster which I shouldn’t really post for the simple reason us poor souls in UK&Ireland have to wait until February 10th 2012 before we see the film and the poster is for Israeli films fans who will catch the film this thursday! It could be worse France wont see the film until April 11th!


To see the posters properly please click on the image to expand…


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