First Official Images For Baz Luhrmann’s GREAT GATSBY Remake With Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan

First Official Images For Baz Luhrmann’s GREAT GATSBY Remake With Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan

I have very mixed views on remakes not on any been made but the choice of film alot as history has dictated not worthy of a remake either there bad or the original was good enough. Baz Luhrmann’s ambitious remake of The Great Gatsby is one of those I would like to see though the 3D is the only thing that’s putting me off wanting to see this plus the original wasn’t the all round success when it was released back in 1974 with Mia Farrow, Robert Redford, Bruce Dern though it is regarded as a classic in some quarters. Production for the new version is happening as we speak in Australia and despite there been over a year before the film arrives in the cinema Warner Bros have released the first official images for the film.The 2 new image show all the main characters of Leonardo Di Caprio (Jay Gatsbay), Carey Mulligan (Daisy), Tobey MaGuire (Nick Carraway) and Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan). We’ve seen small glimpses through images for this film with everything looking fantastic and having studied Graphic Design at University I can see the images from the design perspective and if I was a fashion designer the Great Gatsby looking a fantastic treat for fashion students with the drapper dresses and for production designers with the replicating of authentic sets, what we need now is some footage!

The Great Gatsby 3D doesn’t have a confirmed UK&Irish release date however we’re looking at the start of January 2013 with American release set for Christmas Day 2012. Is it me but do they look like false smiles in image one?

source Sassisam

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