Man Vs Wolf in New Extended TV Spot/Trailers For THE GREY

Liam Neeson loves to rough it out when it comes to action thrillers from Taken, Unknown to battling Wild wolves in his latest flick The Grey. You won’t get man and his dog scenario here or fetch if you tried these blood thirsty wolves would fetch you!Liam Neeson reteam’s with the A-Team director Joe Carnahan for a story of a group of Alaskan oil workers returning home find their plane crashed in the middle of nowhere. As the survivors re-group to stay alive they find themselves confronted by a group nasty angry wolves who see the group as intruders in their territory and track and hunt them all down.Neeson in George Foreman terms a lean mean grilling machine he takes no crap from no one determination is the key the irish actor has found his niche action thrillers!

Below are 2 new extended tv spots/trailers first up the twitterific spot sent to us from scottfree productions running at 81 seconds the second tv spot/trailer comes from AMC Cinemas running at 90 seconds. Both spots consist mostly of footage we have already but do have some new tidbits along with new dialogue, most of all they showcase the intensity of the film.The Grey also stars Frank Grillo​, Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts, Joe Anderson, James Badge Dale​, and Nonso Anozie​, with the film opening in UK, Ireland & USA January 27th 2012.