Julianne Moore is Sarah Palin in HBO’s GAME CHANGE Tv Film Trailer


We laugh, talk,argue over how idiotic or even how unsafe the world has become thanks to dimwit George W Bush but in 2008 election in USA things could have been a lot worse if a certain woman called Sarah Palin won the election. We now joke at her not winning but if she won we wouldn’t have laughed the world would have been in a even worse state, USA under Palin would have been more fundamentalist forcing their ‘ultra conservative christian’ laws on the world, a person’s right to freedom of speech, sexuality, just a right to choose would have disappeared. So its no surprise films, documentaries, porn parodies and tv dramas are popping up left right and centre like HBO’s upcoming GAME CHANGE starring Julianne Moore who gives a terrifying convincing performance as Sarah Palin.

The film is based John Heilemann , Mark Halperin best selling book of the same name based on the 2008 election campaign which saw Republican candidate John McCain introduce ‘game changer’ Sarah Palin to the affray and we now know the rest is history thankfully. Ed Harris plays McCain with Woody Harrelson plays his seedy senior campaign strategist. Moore certainly looks a dead ringer for Palin and Im actually a little surprise this one has been made for cinema with its decent cast especially after the success of Ides Of March.

March HBO are releasing Game Change but as Sky Atlantic is HBO’s UK&Irish channel you can expect this one to arrive on Atlantic sometime 2012, check out the film’s teaser trailer