“Be Jesus!” -Watch Tim Minchin’s “Woody Allen Jesus” Banned Video

“Be Jesus!” -Watch Tim Minchin’s “Woody Allen Jesus” Banned Video

When it comes to stand up comedians I may watch them but if I find them funny that’s a matter of another day. Religion in Scotland especially is a sensative subject with a recent biased law recently passed by moronic First Minister Alec ‘I have No Agendas Just Hate West Of Scotland‘ Salmond making it illegal to say anything sectarian, or against or even practicing  a religion for that matter so today we got a word about Tim Minchin.

Last Night’s Jonathan Ross Show the musician/Comedian was a musical guest and was to sing a song called Woody Allen Jesus however the scrooge at ITV  Director of Television, Peter Fincham decided to ban the song due to fear of offending religious groups especially those who fall under the Christianity name. Well I’m a Catholic, Christian I wasn’t offended  Tim actually  wrote the song specifically for the show and had it approved by compliance people, producers and lawyers who all checked the lyrics long before the cameras rolled.

To me this is more political pressure  rather religious reasons, the song is harmless fun, no profanity was used  or even for that matter political . To be frank If Jesus was watching he would probably would be laughing  when it comes to conservatism it seems  David Cameron want push there ideologies onto the general public and keep a strong grip around the necks of the general public if anything Im more offended by the mega bonuses  given to bank directors. Let the people decide what’s offensive and what’s not, if they don’t like there’s such a thing as a remote control switch it off or change the channel!

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