THE IRON LADY Gets Her Second American Trailer And New Featurette

In any job that involves some form of selling there is always a hard sell, it could be a way you sell or it could be a customer type, in film terms THE IRON LADY depending what part of the world you come from will be a very hard sell. Phyllida Lloyd’s THE IRON LADY the film based on Magaret Thatcher (Maggie Maggie Maggie! Out!Out!Out!!!)the infamous dictator Prime Minister of Britain during late 1970’s into 1980’s her life and struggle to gain the power she got. Apart from the time she rose up the political chain it was near impossible for a woman to gain any power in politics which was a male dominated world, to say anything positive about her or even to find an interest in someone who destroyed working class families, destroying Britain’s industries, making the land a ghostland. Rich got richer, working class got poorer and arrested for living, she was a true conservative , and attempted to destroy anyone against her.

If you despised everything she believed in, or like me experienced the destruction she you may not like this new behind the scenes featurette looking at the Parliamentary scenes  of the film giving us a little more insight into the plot of the film. Many non-Brits maybe wondering what all the fuss is about monster   Thatcher until you lived under the conditions she enslaved on those people who despised her, ironically she was more liked outside UK big ally of Ronald Regan (her puppet). If you made a film about what she did to the opposition it would make Lord of The Rings Trilogy, War& Peace look like a 1page short story.

Meryl Streep is an fantastic actress  who will probably give an Oscar Winning performance in The Iron Lady, but this is an hard sell  which may only do well out of curiosity or the fact she was a woman who won in a man’s world. The Iron Lady will be released in UK&Ireland  January 6th 2012.

source Apple / Empire

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